Ordinary folk who support the “war on drugs” certainly do not realize they are being conned. It is also doubtful that more than a handful of politicians admit even to themselves that the real raison d’etre of the many laws on laundering of money is to require full disclosure from everyone as to the exact sources of their funds.
Did you really think that the American President cares much about a non-voting “crack mamma” in Harlem? He knows, however, that people can be worked up enough to be furious about the “drug threat to our children”. The fact remains, however, that some people will take drugs of their own free will. The demand for drugs is created by people who want them, serious and proven side-effects notwithstanding – or those who crave it to seek some sort of solace for a mind battered by their psychological problems.
But drug-use cannot be wiped out for the very simple reason that, like prostitution, it has been around from the beginning and will be around long after we are all dead.
Some people use drugs to seek a brief refuge from a reality that is, rightly or wrongly, perceived by them as cruel and unbearable. Others use drugs to seek relief from boredom. And so on. But did you realize that narcotic drugs only came to be outlawed at the start of this century? Sigmund Freud habitually used cocaine but as far as his contemporaries were concerned, that was his own, personal business, not something that society ought to interfere with through laws or regulations.
Before 1913, using drugs was considered a vice. Today, it is a crime only because certain politicians found that stirring up anti-drug hysteria was good for a few votes. But since drug use was outlawed drug use has increased many times over.
In the US (and possibly other countries) the “drug war” is merely the government’s excuse to piy into the privacy of anyone and everyone, and to pass legislation to permit them even more intrusion. The government’s ultimate objective is the control of all aspects of every business and individual, and violating their privacy (not just in financial, but in all matters) is a necessary preliminary step. Together with this, the government wishes to control all property, and they are closer to this than most people realize.
Constitutional rights do not apply to most individuals in the US for reasons too complex to cover here. When persons claim “First Amendment Rights” of freedom of expression, “Second Amendment Rights” to bear arms, and so forth, the courts rule against them, and people blame the rotten system. It is rotten, but as the Bill of Rights under the US Constitution do not apply to most people, the government is perfectly within their power to deny the rights the people thought they had. We remind PTs that the drug war is a cover up for governments’ it into everybody’s affairs, and an excuse that uninitiated people accept. Any transgression part of the government, no matter how grievous, can be hidden under the umbrella of the “drug war”.