How come that we need to “do something to preserve our freedom”? It was Oscar Wilde who said that “most men live in a state of quiet desperation”. A few years later, Wilde himself was sent to prison for committing the crime of being a homosexual. These same states make it a felony to perform “an unnatural act” with your own wife, and such unnatural acts include your wife giving you a little kiss anywhere below the belt or vice versa.
The very real and present danger of being harassed or even indicted and incarcerated for committing any number of victimless crimes should, in itself, be enough for any intelligent individual to take proper precautions. Such an individual – you – should seek to limit to the fullest possible extent the risk of being made a martyr by a world in which politicians, the media and a sheep-being-led-to-the slaughter public are constantly ranting and raving about how “something ought to be done” about whatever. Or whomever. Unfortunately, “whomever” it is that “something just ought to be done about” may very well turn out to be you one day – if it is not already.
Should “something be done” about tax-evaders? Even if, like Leona Helmsley you fork out over US $50 million per year of your money to a state or government, you may still find yourself officially designated as a “tax-evader” – a target, to be hunted down and thrown in jail.
Should “something be done” about men who refuse to pay alimony to a greedy ex-spouse? You may one day count yourself among the great number of men sought by the authorities for not paying up to an ex-wife who betrayed you.

Should “something be done about drug-dealing vermin”? You may one day find your phone tapped or yourself arrested and all your assets seized on an unfounded suspicion that you are such a person. Even if you are subsequently cleared you should expect no apologies for the “inconvenience” nor any remuneration for the financial losses you just happened to suffer in the process.
After all, whatever happened – or happens – to you at the hands of the authorities is “all for the good of the country”. And “countries” (meaning, in effect, states and authorities) are not usually given to apologies or to paying damages to innocent people who inadvertently get caught up in their wars. Which, incidentally, is especially true as far as the “war on drugs” goes.