You (and everybody else) are essentially alone in life. Whatever else happens it is up to you, and no one else, to make sure that your remaining lifetime is spent as pleasurably, comfortably and safely as possible. You may try to abrogate this personal responsibility, if you will, but the results are sure to follow, whatever you neglect doing in terms of enhancing your own safety and security, nobody else will automatically do for you.

Is this a trifle disconcerting? It should not be. As opposed to an animal, man possesses a conceptual consciousness of himself and the world around him. A cow does not rationalize that it has to eat grass in order to stay alive and make a nicer, fatter piece of beef when it is time for a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse. A man, however, has the ability to know that if he does not wake up in the morning and go to work, he will be laid off. If he gets laid off, paychecks will stop coming. If that happens, he will have two options: either to find some other way of getting money for food and rent or start living rough once the dole checks run out.
But man’s conception of life and the world around him is not an instinct, it is purely volitional. If he chooses to exaggerate his perception of the dangers around him, man is free to turn into a raving psychotic The reverse is also true: we may choose to ignore or deny the existence of the world’s opportunities and dangers, and become, in effect, not a Homo Sapiens but rather a Homo Ostrichus mentally sticking our heads in the sand, pretending to ourselves that there is no danger and nothing to fear.
Take a brief look at your daily newspaper, then ask yourself if you really wish to play make believe and imagine that no one can hurt you.
In this life, you have two choices: one, to take charge of the task of ensuring you have prepared yourself very, very thoroughly for whatever potential dangers lie in whatever remaining lifetime you have ahead of you; or, number two, to lethargically muck around with your life and get a surprise whenever someone decides to exert a malevolent influence. Remember, the first option entails some effort, thinking and acquiring of knowledge on your part. The latter means you can go on without a care or a thought for tomorrow – until the day comes when a lawsuit, divorce, dispute with City Hall or other problem makes a wreck of your life. Even the Boy Scouts have the same motto as a PT. They say “Be Prepared” – we say PT means “Prepare Thoroughly”.