Where men and women can live in freedom, without the omnipresent state

There is, to our knowledge, no real-life Atlantis where men and women may live freely without an omnipresent state hovering over the waters to interfere with the individual’s every action at the behest of a “democratic majority” made up of losers, suckers and fools.
To wit, there are certain countries and jurisdictions that do not have much in the way of laws and taxes. Normally referred to as “tax havens”, there are a handful of true ones left: Bermuda, Monaco, Andorra and a couple of the British Channel Islands. These are places where income taxes do not exist, with strict bank secrecy laws in place to protect residents (and sometimes non-residents) against the local government – which tends to be inclined to leave people alone anyway, and against foreign governments – which do not.
The main problem with these agreeable countries is that not only are they scarce in number, but also pretty small in terms of territory. To protect the native population from being totally overrun by tax wary foreigners, residence and land-owning permits are not only hard to come by but may also be quite expensive (Scope International’s guides to no-tax or low-tax jurisdictions such as Andorra, Gibraltar, Campione d’ltalia and a particular Channel Island show you little-known shortcuts and reveal the secrets in detail).
In addition, not everyone is willing to relocate his physical self to another country ‘merely’ to escape taxation.
Short of merely moving to a tax-haven there is another, more advanced option: to become a PT. Prior Tax-Payer or Perpetual Tourist.
To facilitate the continued freedom from taxation in the event of future changes in rules, laws and regulations a PT may have procured a second nationality. In the event that his home country decides to do what the United States is already doing and start taxing its citizens on a worldwide basis, regardless of place of residence, a PT thus has the option of divesting himself of his original citizenship without becoming stateless. The PT already has a “spare” or “back¬up” nationality, complete with passport and other identity papers for use in such a situation.
Initially published in 1988, the original PT (now in its seventh revised edition) sets forth not only a lot of very concrete reasons for having extra passports and citizenships but also a view of what life can be like if you are a tax-free, perpetual traveller. It is, to date, presenting an integrated, coherent plan for a stress-free life. If you have not already read PT we highly recommend that you do so. Just as Atlas Shrugged is essential reading. You will quickly grasp why and how politicians have been able to get away with imposing an ever-increasing number of counter-productive and ultimately anti-human laws, so PT is a must-read if you want the low-down on what the individual – you – may do in general terms to make sure that you do not become a victim of “them”. The PT concept, or “way of life”, is founded on the premise that if you stop closing your eyes to realities and instead recognize the unfortunate fact that the world looks and works the way it does (and why!), you may then go on to implement a set of general safeguards that will shield you from the most detrimental of real-life dangers – instead of standing idly by, waiting. Registered buyers of the original PT Report can order the new and expanded seventh edition of PT for half price from Scope International Ltd.
More than 25 years ago, there was a theory formulated of three “flags”, since expanded to five, that are at the core of the PT concept. In general terms, they are:
Flag number 1: BUSINESS BASE.
Make your money in a jurisdiction different from your personal, fiscal domicile.
Flag number 2: CITIZENSHIP.
Make certain that you have at least one citizenship (and passport) from a country
unconcerned about its non-resident citizens and what they do outside its borders.
This is in addition to a passport from your home country.
Flag number 3: DOMICILE.
Be legally resident and domiciled in a stable, secure tax-haven.
Flag number 4: ASSET REPOSITORY.
Stash your assets abroad somewhere different from 1, 2, 3 from whence they may
be safely and anonymously managed by proxy. It should be a place without
currency controls.
Flag number 5: PLAYGROUNDS.
Where you actually and physically spend your time.
The PT-concept is based on the idea that if you adopt all of these flags and structure your life around them you will attain a higher degree of safety and security, both personal and businesswise. Even if you have been sensibly paranoid about lawsuits, government and police harassment for years, you will learn much in the way of new techniques, things to do – and especially not do. Even if you have already read it, pick it from the shelf again and go through it once more. You may have been become too much of a “Master of the Universe” in your own eyes and started slipping since. Re-reading will keep you on your toes. This Report, PT2, is meant to add new information and readers’ suggestions to your repertoire.without-the-omnipresent-state