Big Brother is expanding

Big Brother is expanding to the EC. Back on his home turf, the US, all businesses and professionals have been informants or “rats” for years. In the UK, a rat is a “super grass”.
The rule is squeal or get squashed. What to tell about? All large or “unusual” cash transactions or “suspect travel plans” must be reported on special forms. These reports trigger a special multibureau team of criminal investigators to check up on things. Often this takes the form of arresting and giving the third degree to the person denounced. Don’t inform and you may be accused of “aiding and abetting. “It’s not the Nazi, Communist or Fascist scheme it appears to be. No, it’s all just part of the ever-expanding dmg war, they say. Of course Hitler and Stalin had only the good of society at heart when they set up similar informers’ networks. At first bankers and stockbrokers were the only American civilians dragged into the Bureau-Rat Auxiliary. Those who didn’t report cash transactions made to entrap them by “G-Men” or government agents, like First Boston Corporation, suffered heavy penalties. Corporate officers got jail sentences. This brought the industry into servile compliance. Then accountants, lawyers, car dealers, travel agents, airlines, retailers and almost every other business handling cash were forcibly enlisted as unwilling, unpaid informers. Today, in the US, the fee you pay a lawyer must pass the smell test If your money (cash or otherwise) is not Lily White, it may be confiscated from the lawyer who then will not represent you, despite having been paid. A strange situation indeed – where legally speaking, an American is presumed innocent until convicted. It seems those who use cash in the US today are presumed guilty of drug trafficking until they prove otherwise. In the United States, citizens may be searched “on suspicion,” and all unusual amounts of cash on your person can now be confiscated. Even buying an airline ticket with a US $100 bill could result in you being reported, detained, and your money confiscated until you prove it was not illegally earned and that it was going to be reported for income tax purposes. Students of logic know that proving a negative is difficult, if not impossible.

The US government wants other countries to adopt its theories and methods. Canada, Australia and the UK seem to be falling in line. There are only a few European countries where petty cash transactions are not assumed to be a badge of criminality. This is where cash transactions are not generally reported: Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
But even in these countries, large cash transactions by new customers may result in a police interview.
Bureau-rat Control Tip: One PT reports that after attempting to pay for an air ticket with a US $100 bill, and then being detained “on suspicion” and missing his flight, he sued the airline for the maximum amount (US $1000) in small claims court. The airline didn’t defend, presumably because costs of sending in a lawyer would have cost them more than the maximum award. Our PT collected US $ 1000 for unwarranted harassment and damages. The judge felt that persons paying for a domestic flight in cash certainly had that right. Consider suing each time your life is interfered with. On second thoughts, I it’s probably better to keep a low profile and follow the basic PT formula for self preservation: know the local game and never call attention to yourself by doing anything I considered unusual. In other words to keep your ass and your assets, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
US banks abroad were inducted into the informants network years ago. But as of 1993, British banks, travel agents and airlines have agreed to report all suspicious transactions, such as big cash bankrolls or unusual travel plans to police. We don’t like I the arbitrariness of the current war on drugs which is more of a war upon privacy, with no apparent deterrent effect on drugs. The Final Word? PTs can retain their assets, then pfi vac у and their freedom by simply knowing how to keep a low profile and staying out of trouble. Hoist your five flags and sail free.